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Here you can search for lectures based on topics, or year (such as “2021”) or location (such as “Melbourne”). Some of the search terms of interest are “Illicit Sex”, “Impersonalism”, “Important”, “History”, “Sankaracharya”, “Anxiety”, “Sense Control”, “Spiritual Master”, “Guru”, “Mayavada”, “Science”, “Scientists”, “Ritvik”, “Atheist”, “Chanting”, “Hearing”, “Preaching”, “Bhakti”, “Grihastha”, “Brahmacari”, etc.

To search for Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita verses you need to enter verse number in two digit notation. For example, for SB 3.4.5, enter 03.04.05. More examples:

SB 3.14.5 -> 03.14.05.

SB 10.13.45 -> 10.13.45

SB 1.2.6 -> 01.02.06

BG 5.29 -> 05.29